Goodwin Residence, Waiheke Island

Date of completion: 2012

Region: Waiheke, Auckland

Size of Project: 370 sqm

Type of Project: Residential

Architect: Arden Unique Design & Build Ltd

Contractor: Arden Unique Design & Build Ltd

The new residence at Gordons Road, Waiheke comprises of three wings. A single level garage, single level guest accommodation, and split level main living area above a basement master bedroom.

The building is constructed on rib-raft floor slabs throughout. The floor over the master bed is concrete on a profiled metal deck system. Concrete blocks form the walls to the master bedroom with the remaining walls being timber framed. The roofs are timber and structural steel.

The living room area is the main feature of the building as it comprises a double height space a clear spans between external walls.



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