Tussock Lane Bach

Tussock Lane Bach

Date of completion: June 2017

Region: Queenstown Hill

Size of Project: 62 sqm

Type of Project: High-End Residential

Architect: Holmes Architecture

Contractor: Queenstown Building & Joinery

Although small in size, this project is grand in form. The brief required that the bach could be repurposed as a garage in the future. The structure had been designed to facilitate an increased floor loading and the resultant higher bracing demand. The site required substantial retaining to allow for the necessary level access. The build appears to float above the waning site as the composite concrete floor and steel sub-floor framing are supported upon slender CHS columns.

Internally, the use of engineer timbers and ply linings has been utilised. The concrete floor remains exposed and is polished. These structural elements are celebrated, complimenting the character of the structure's surroundings.



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