A NZIA Regional (Waikato) Award Winning Home – 2019. The Home comprises two wings; the eastern wing encompasses the kitchen/dining/living and master bed separated from the western wing via a fully covered deck, cast insitu fireplace and with sliding screens for protection from the wind. The western wing includes the garage, bedrooms and bathroom.

This stunning home stands up predominantly by use of timber structure including the use of exposed engineered roof trusses. Slender structural steel members permitted the slim flat roof covering the deck.

The structure’s lateral resistance is via proprietary gib/James Hardie bracing with the loads (across the building) from the core of the eastern wing are transferred through the flat roof to the western wing where walls are available. The open gable ends comprise steel portal frames following the shape of the roof and are concealed within both the roof and wall envelope provide the clean lines desire by the architect.

The foundations/slab were constructed using the Rib Raft system. The Architectural screens were carefully collaborated to achieve the slender architectural form.

Lead engineer: Matthew Gilfoyle

Region: Matarangi Cabins

Size of Project: 200 sqm, more or less

Category: Private Residence


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