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Sullivan Hall specialise in the field of Structural Engineering. We have become renowned for our empathy and ability to collaborate with the architectural and construction team to achieve the form required to deliver remarkable buildings.

At Sullivan Hall we are fortunate to have such a well-versed technical team with significant experience in a broad realm of areas. We are proactive in our role, working in alignment with Architects, Owners, Contractors, Developers, other Consultants and Territorial Authorities to deliver solutions that impress.

We provide structural solutions for bespoke Architectural forms, including high-end residential and commercial buildings where the same compassion to architectural form is being sought, in a range of materials and structural systems.

We work closely with other disciplines including geotechnical, MEP and fire specialists to provide a unified solution for any project. With resources available from our three national offices and through our close professional network, Sullivan Hall are well positioned to manage the demand of projects of any scale.


At Sullivan Hall facilitating great form and remarkable buildings is what drives us. Our roots are based in the delivery of high-end architecturally designed residential builds where form governs.

We are motivated to provide a structural engineering solution that harmonises with the architectural vision on these complex homes. Through our early engagement, co-ordinated approach, and collaborative design process we deliver results that will impress any Architect or Designer. Through our BIM process and increased level of development, we create workable solutions that result in a smoother consenting and construction process.

We offer civil engineering design services for residential projects allowing you to have a complete design service package.


As our strength and proficiency became apparent in the realm of high-end architecture, Sullivan Halls skill set has been increasingly sought after for projects of a commercial nature where the same high level of empathy to architectural form is desired.

At Sullivan Hall, we provide structural solutions for commercial buildings, with knowledge in a range of material topologies and structural systems, including low damage ductile systems. With our emphasise on collaboration and co-ordination, we are an ideal fit with other consultants. Our high level of documentation feeds seamlessly into their processes, resulting in an informative and truly representative documentation set of your project.


At Sullivan Hall, the use of BIM is an essential part of the way we operate. We embrace Integrated Project Delivery as a future standard for all projects. We use BIM to carry out our design and documentation processes and to seamlessly integrate and collaborate across disciplines.

Our BIM and drafting processes are conducted primarily in Autodesk AEC building suite software by our skilled inhouse team of technicians. This facilitates the provision of BIM, creating a digital representation of the physical structure. The data contained within BIM files can be used for design development, coordination, and scheduling, providing greater understanding and visualization of the project, resulting in fewer site RFI’s for clients and builders alike.

Other key internal benefits have been found in communication, decision making, accuracy and inter-discipline working. To this end we encourage the sharing of BIM files with external consultants to allow us to deliver a fully co-ordinated project to our clients.

The benefits of BIM gained during the design process are amplified on site, resulting in saved valuable time and money.


Sullivan Hall has the capacity to provide specialist seismic assessment and strengthening design of your building assets. We conduct seismic assessment of existing buildings including heritage, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

We engage with all stakeholders to ensure the structural solution presented imposes the minimum distribution. We develop strengthening schemes from initial concept through to full consent documentation. This allows you, as the building owner, to make an informed decision as to the feasibility of a project, balancing your investment with projected returns.


Sullivan Hall’s empathy for architectural form translates seamlessly to the needs of heritage buildings. We are enthusiastic about saving and showcasing the history of our built environment.

We enjoy the process of developing discrete structural solutions that do not detract from the existing. We have a wealth of experience in carrying out strengthening and commercial fitouts of heritage and older period buildings.


At Sullivan Hall we offer our peer review services to other consultants. We carry out both structural and regulatory reviews of designs. We can offer concept design and feasibility reviews and report on value engineering options.

We can make available producer statements (PS-2) for Peer Review to submit to territorial authorities assisting with the consenting process.


With the geographical spread of our offices, Sullivan Hall is well placed to act as observer on behalf of other consultants. We can conduct full site inspections as well as inspections of fabricated elements at fabrication plants.

Upon completion of any monitoring regime, we provide reports tailored to your specified requirements.