Evolution of the Drafting Team

Carl with Ostrich


The team at Sullivan Hall strive to deliver great documentation. Having an ability to highlight design challenges early and address these before construction is core to the value Sullivan Hall adds to a project team.

We can only achieve this by having the top building information modellers working with us. We are very privileged to have had both David Penilo and Carl Aagesen join our team. The days of simple line CAD drawings are now being put behind us. The language in our work environment has evolved, populated by words such as model coordination, parametric and level of development. This advancement has been driven by both David and Carl.

David joined the Queenstown office as Sullivan Halls BIM Manager. We are very fortunate to have a professional of David’s calibre as part of our team. He transitioned as the BIM manager of one of the leading consultancies on the East coast of Australia. David has been the catalyst for the development of Sullivan Hall BIM execution plan. There is little that David does not know about the BIM process and software.

Carl (on left above) has taken on the mantle of BIM development in the Auckland office. There is no box Carl doesn’t tick. He has phenomenal knowledge and ability to mentor those within his team, delivering immaculate work. He manages to perfectly balance his professional ability with a light-hearted and jovial nature that truly contributes to achieving a positive work environment.

At Sullivan Hall we are extremely lucky to have two parties, in both Carl and David, heading up our drafting team that have that unique and rare perfect balance of personal character and professional acumen.