The Diversity Agenda

The Diversity Agenda: our commitment to achieving a better gender balance in fields of Engineering and Architecture

Sullivan Hall were a founding partner and current member of the Diversity Agenda.

Launched in early 2018, the initial goal was to champion 20% more women engineers and architects in the profession, the campaign has since expanded beyond gender to encapsulate the full range of diversity and inclusion. Sullivan Hall is committed to critique our own practices and openly address the real issues that hold people back, such as retention and promotion of women, equal pay and a modern work culture that benefits everyone. Our objective is to adopt more inclusive practices within our company. We are also committing to actively promoting this initiative within our industry.

The Diversity Agenda started as a collaboration between Engineering New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACENZ). 40 Founding Members and Change Makers from across the industry have come together to address the issue of gender imbalance with a united front.

Sandy Hall, Managing Director, “As a practice we strive for excellence. Excellence comes from having great people, both men and women in the practice. We are acutely aware that our practice is male dominated. We are keen to focus on why this is and, more importantly, how we can bring more gender balance to our practice. Gender, cultural and ethnic diversity improves our understanding of our society. This thinking then permeates into the practice making us all better-balanced individuals and professionals.”

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Diversity Agenda