Designed by Wyatt Gray Architects and delivered by Cook Brothers Construction, the Onsen Hot Pools is a non-negotiable experience for most visitors to Queenstown.

Nestled high on the cliffside overlooking the Shotover River canyon, there are very few views in the world that can compare. The extension saw the delivery of increased capacity with a new lounge area, four luxury massage rooms, four spa rooms and a further five outdoor garden pools plus three private spa pools with associated changing rooms and facilities.

Sullivan Hall are proud to have played a pivotal and central role in delivering the extension to this facility. The confined location resulted in it own unique challenges which heavily influenced the selected systems and structure adopted. We engaged closely from an early stage to with the contractor, the team at Onsen and other stakeholder to adopt a workable construction methodology. The project required substantial earthworks, anchoring and retaining systems. The existing facility remained operational for much of the construction programme. A high level of co-ordination between MEP and structure was necessary to accommodate the extensive network of services that is required to keep this amenity running seamlessly.

Lead Engineer: Sullivan Hall team

Region: Arthurs Point, Queenstown

Size: 700 sqm

Category: Working

Architect: Wyatt Gray Architects

Contractor: Cook Brothers Construction